From Quality to Customer Service

What We've Learned From Our Oldest Customer

Unlike typical powder metal and MIM part manufacturers, we've always had a special understanding of the customer's perspective. That's because we've always been one of our biggest - and most demanding - customers. When sportsmen buy a product from our firearms division, they expect the best. When law enforcement agencies buy a Remington firearm, lives depend on our quality. Every part must meet exacting specifications to assure reliability and durability under the most difficult conditions.

We'll never forget that quality and dependability are just as important to you.

Quality - We Arrived Early

In the '80's and '90's, a quality revolution swept through American Industy. For us, it came earlier. We had proven quality procedures and systems in place long before the importance of quality in manufacturing, cost control and customer satisfaction became widely understood.

From the beginning, we've served customers with unusually demanding needs.

For example, we were one of the first makers of powder metal parts for the computer industry (serving both IBM and Univac in the 1950's), where top quality and high precision have always been required.
At Remington, quality processes are not experimental. In working with us, you can reap the benefits of a quality management tradition that has matured and strengthened through many decades of experience.

Consult With Us

Remington's unsurpassed engineering expertise means that we can work with you at every stage of part production from the beginning of a design concept through on-schedule delivery. We can offer more solutions, and better solutions. See for yourself how we can help you cut costs, enhance quality, and meet performance objectives. The small sampling of parts depicted on this site demonstrates our versatility and our ability to develop quality, cost-saving solutions.