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A Unique History of Quality Manufacturing

Remington's mastery of today's best powder metal (CompactAlloyTM) and metal injection molding (InjectAlloy®) technologies has uniquely deep roots. Our company began as a firearms manufacturer in 1816 - when the United States was beginning its journey to becoming the premier industrial power.  As the country developed, grew, and thrived, so did Remington - and for many of the same reasons. From the beginning, Remington typified the American gift for invention and exploration. Our company has always focused on bringing the latest technology and the best possible quality to customers who both recognized it and demanded it.

Today, Remington is among the oldest and most experienced industrial companies - not only in the United States, but in the world. As much as things have changed since the early nineteenth century, we're still driven by the same dedication to discovery, problem solving, customer service, and product excellence that has brought us success through almost two centuries.

Nobody Knows Powder Metal Better

High-density powder metal part manufacturing was made practical in the 1950's through the cooperative efforts of some of the era's most innovative companies. Remington, together with IBM, Maytag, Pitney-Bowes, and National Cash Register, developed the technology that is still the foundation of high-density, high-quality powder metal part production.

High temperature sintering-as developed by Remington-was the key to production of parts that could meet quality and performance requirements far beyond what had previously been possible. Conventional sintering uses temperatures up to 2100°F. We pushed the limit to 2600°F believing that we could achieve unprecedented strength and ductility while enhancing other crucial properties. We were right.
Today, only one company with that unique heritage and depth of experience serves customers through contract powder metal part manufacturing. That company is Remington.