Our metal injection molding expertise means...

We Offer You More Solutions

While powder metal technology excels in producing parts that are complex in two dimensions, MIM easily produces parts that are complex in three, including undercuts and cross holes. That can mean dramatic savings through reduced machining requirements. As we were among the first powder metal manufacturers, we were among the first to recognize and develop the remarkable potential of metal injection molding.
Is it more cost effective to produce a part through various technologies including powder metal with subsequent machining operations - or to produce the same component through MIM with little or no machining? Very few parts manufacturers have the dual-technology expertise to give you a credible, unbiased answer.

We can serve you better. At Remington, you'll find unique, scientific engineering and production resources to produce either powder metal or MIM components - economically and at the highest level. In short, we offer you more solutions, so you'll never have to settle for a less-than-ideal compromise

Superior Versatility To Meet Virtually Any Need

Many powder metal manufacturers specialize in automobile parts. We produce parts for many of America's finest cars and trucks, too. But, our range is far broader. We've made parts for products from train air brakes to office copiers...from circuit breakers to hand tools...from micrometers to medical instruments.

That wide experience means we know how to meet requirements of virtually any description, including strength, hardness, density, wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, machining and finishing properties, electrical characteristics, tolerances, and magnetic properties.  See how our versatility can bring you more and better choices.

Your Best Part Production Partner

We've been perfecting powder metal technology for a half century. We have over 15 years of experience in metal injection molding. We're a global leader in alloy steels, stainless steels, and soft magnetic materials. We've proven again and again that we can meet our customer's toughest requirements (sometimes inventing new alloys to do the job). We've demonstrated that we can be a valuable problem-solving partner...that we can meet demanding production schedules...and that we can find the most cost-effective routes to superior quality.